More Great World Book Day fancy dress costume ideas for adults and kids
World Book Day

14 More Great World Book Day Costume Ideas

1.Girls Harley Quinn Costume

Harley Quinn is a character created by DC, she first appeared in the animated series of Batman in 1992. This crazy super-villain is loved by young girls, due to this we are sure she’s going to be a popular choice for girls World Book Day dress up. 

Your little on can become the only one out of the famous Suicide Squad with actual super powers! We are sure your little one will stand out from the crowd in this Harley Quinn fancy dress, she might even discover her own super powers this World Book Day! 

This costume includes: black white and red patterned top, blue shorts with attached leggings, black stud print belt and matching wrist band, mask and hair pieces.

2.Boys Spider-Man Costume

Spider-Man is the super cool spider like superhero created by Stan Lee, he is known for being bitten by a spider on a school trip, with this came superhuman powers! 

Transform your little one into this popular Superhero for World Book Day, your little one will be able to show off his unique spider like super powers to all his friends at school in this Spider-Man costume! Make sure your little one uses his wrist wed shooters to spin all the webs he possibly can! 

This costume includes: classic blue and red Spider-Man muscle chest jumpsuit and Spider-Man snood.

3.Girls Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman was created by DC, she is the founding member of the justice league! This superhero is known as Wonder Woman, however her official title is Princess Diana of Tyemyscira. This superhero is hugely popular, making her a great choice for girls World Book Day dress up. 

Watch as your little one adventures to Tyemyscira in this Wonder Woman costume, we are sure your little one wont get into any battles but if she does she’s got the superpowers to win in this super cool fancy dress! 

This costume includes: red and blue Wonder Woman dress, with blue cape and matching headpiece accessory.

4.Girls Tinkerbell Costume

Tinker Bell features in Disney’s Peter Pan, she is a tiny fairy who’s got a huge personality! Since her first appearance she has become a mascot for Disney and the heart of their Disney Fairies Franchise, so get your hands on this Tinkerbell costume before it flies off the shelves! 

If your little one is sassy and feisty then this fairy is a great choice for your little girls World Book Day fancy dress. Your little one will be the cutest fairy of them all in this Tinkerbell costume, however don’t be surprised if she starts causing mischief!

This costume includes: green dress with character print, fairy wings and charm bracelet. This costume will have your little one leaving trails of fairy dust…

5.Boys Captain Hook Costume

If your little one fancies sailing the seven seas this World Book Day then our Captain Hook costume is a great choice! Captain Hook is the main antagonist in the Peter Pan series, known for being a cunning pirate with a hook for a hand! 

Your little one will make a gallant entry into school in this Captain Hook fancy dress, they will feel like they’ve struck gold when they see this clever captains costume! Watch as he sails away to World Book Day dressed up as this courageous Captain.

This costume includes: Captain Hook pirate jacket with mock waistcoat, black trousers, white neck scarf and pirate hat. You can add a face painted beard and pirate hook to make your little one really look like this Pirate!

6.Kids Three Little Pigs Costume

The Three Little Pigs is a great costume for both boys and girls World Book Day dress up. The Three Little Pigs is a fable about three pigs who build three different houses, then a Wolf tries to blow their houses down! 

What material will your little one build their house out of this World Book Day, will it be straw, sticks or brick? We are sure they will look adorable in our Three Little Pigs costume, let’s hope the Big Bad Wolf doesn’t try to blow their house down!

This costume includes: pink pig fluffy jumpsuit with character hood.

7.Boys Horrid Henry Costume

This book character made his first appearance back in 1994 in Francesca Simon’s book Horrid Henry. The characters’ colossal popularity resulted in lots more books, a cartoon series and a film. The huge popularity of this franchise makes it a great choice for boys World Book Day fancy dress. 

Turn your little one into this mischievous character in our Horrid Henry costume, he might even meet Moody Margaret and Perfect Peter this World Book Day. Your little one will give you Horrid Henry’s cheeky smile when he sees this costume! 

This costume includes: printed yellow and blue top, with blue trousers and Horrid Henry cheeky mask.

8.Girls Katniss Catching Fire Costume

The Hunger Games is a series of books and films that follow a young girl called Katniss Everdeen. She is hugely popular with young girls due to her feisty personality and loyalty to her team during the Annual Hunger Games.

Will your little one volunteer as tribute and become one of the most famous female archers? She will if she wears this costume for World Book Day! This fearless character is sure to bring the fight out of your little one! 

This costume includes: grey and black patterned jumpsuit with knee pads.

9.Kids Very Hungry Caterpillar Costume

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a picture book for young children, telling the story of how a caterpillar munches his way through all different foods before turning into a beautiful butterfly. This book has sold almost 50 million copies worldwide, making it a very popular choice for kids World Book Day fancy dress. 

Your little one will look too good to eat in this cute Very Hungry Caterpillar costume, hopefully they don’t munch their way through so much food that they turn into a butterfly! 

This costume includes: green caterpillar tabard and hat accessory.

10.Girls Meg Witch Costume

Meg and Mog was published back in the 1970’s! It is a series of children’s books written by Helen Nicoll, telling the story of a Witch called Meg, who’s spells always seem to go wrong! 

Transform your little one into this wild witch this World Book Day, she will be casting all kinds of spells in this Meg costume, hopefully she has more success with her spells than this witch! 

This costume includes: Ankle length black dress with long sleeves and matching black witches hat.

11.Kids Meg Cat Costume

Can your little on help Meg get her spells right when they are dressed up as this super cute book character? 

Your little one will really feel like Megs sidekick in this cat fancy dress, whatever they do this book day we are sure they will look adorable in this costume. This costume is great for younger kids World Book Day fancy dress.

This costume includes: all-in-one bodysuit , with a small bell and furry feline mask.

12.Girls Goldilocks Fancy Dress Costume

Goldilocks and The Three Bears is a 19th century fairy tale, telling the story of a young girl named Goldilocks, who enters the three bears home, she sits on their chairs, eats their porridge and sleeps in one of their beds! 

Your little one will look super cute in this Goldilocks fancy dress, perfect for young girls dressing up on World Book Day. Hopefully she doesn’t run into any bears on her adventures in the woods! 

This costume includes: yellow Goldilocks dress with Three Bears print.

13.Kids Three Bears Costume

The Three Bears appear in the 19th century fairy tale, Goldilocks and The Three Bears, there’s a “little, small, wee bear, a middle sized bear, and a great, huge bear!”

Transform your little one into a real life teddy bear in this super cute Three Bears fancy dress, we are sure your ‘wee bear’ will look great in this costume on World Book Day. Hopefully Goldilocks doesn’t eat your little ones porridge! 

This costume includes: brown bear hooded jumpsuit.

14.Ladies Mary Poppins Returns Costume

Mary Poppins was released in 1964, telling the story of a fun nanny who uses her unique way of doing things to teach Mr Banks’ mischievous children how to behave themselves! 

Can you help Mr Banks by becoming this angelic nanny? Use your unique brand to make teaching fun at your school this World Book Day! In this beautiful blue printed dress and red Mary Poppins hat we are sure you will feel like this much loved Disney character!

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