5 Mega Toys For Kids Under 10
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5 Mega Toys For Kids Under 10

1. Care Bears

Care Bears have been around for years… They were originally painted and used on greeting cards, in 1983 the characters were turned into the plush teddy bears we know and love today! 

We have a super cute range of classic Care Bears with their signature belly badges to represent each bears personality.  The collection includes Cheer Bear, Share Bear, Funshine, Grumpy and Good Luck Bears, not forgetting our new Bedtime and Birthday Bear! 

All of our Care Bears are made of a soft, huggable material – great for unlimited bear hugs!

2. Cutetitos

Cutetitos have been a top selling toy since they launched in 2018, due to their popularity they have launched multiple different ranges including Unicornitos, Pizzaitos and Taste Budditos. 

These adorable stuffed animal toys come wrapped in a burrito blanket ready to be unrolled however due to their mystery packaging and you never know what one you are going to reveal! 

Will you be able to collect them all?

3. Tonka Toys

For more than 70 years Tonka has been making the every kids favourite toy trucks and construction vehicle toys! Tonka is still capturing the imaginations of little ones to this day with their Steel Classics and Metal Movers vehicles. 

Tonka toys inspire kids and keep them entertained as their imaginations run wild. Watch your little one play with these ‘Tonka Tough’ toys and build their fleet! Tonka toys are built for the toughest jobs and they are made with durable parts and materials so you have piece of mind they are going to last!

4. K’NEX

Think outside the blocks with K’NEX! Use the unique rod connectors to build big and make your creation move. K’NEX products include ranges for kids of all ages and skill levels. 

K’NEX has various different ranges, unleash your inner architect with the K’NEX Architecture sets,  or experience the thrill of building your own toy roller coaster and amusement park with the Thrill Rides range

K’NEX is also great for educational play and encourages fun STEM learning, building with K’NEX helps strengthen fine motor skills, manual dexterity and spatial awareness, leading them on a path of better understanding of STEM subjects.

5. Sea Monkeys

Sea Monkeys are a poplar novelty live aquarium pet, they are the world’s only instant pets for children! 

These shrimp like pets come with everything you need to bring yours to life, watch them grow and swim around in your fun aquarium! Due to their popularity they have released different ranges including Sea Monkeys Magiquarium and Sea Monkeys Volcano and Ocean Zoo. 

So choose your Sea Monkeys aquarium and watch your new pets grow, our kits include everything you need for your Sea Monkeys to thrive!

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