Where's Wally World Book Day adults and kids fancy dress costume ideas
World Book Day

5 Recognisable Where’s Wally World Book Day Costume Ideas

1.Boys Where’s Wally Costume

Ever since his first appearance back in 1987, the whole world has been trying to find Wally! The popularity of Where’s Wally has been him appear in computer games, comic strips and a cartoon series! 

Wearing this fabulous costume not only can your little one find Where’s Wally but he can become him! We are sure your little one won’t blend into the crowd of book characters wearing this costume on World Book Day. 

This costume includes: classic red and white striped top, blue trousers and matching bobble hat. You can add a pair of circular glasses to this costume so your little one really looks like Where’s Wally.

2.Girls Where’s Wenda Fancy Dress

Less about Where’s Wally, where’s Wenda? This easily recognisable character is a great choice for World Book Day dress up! 

Your little one can recreate Wanda’s iconic look in this classic Where’s Wenda costume, this World Book Day. She will love getting into Wenda’s character, hopefully not too much, you’ll never be able to find her! 

This costume includes: white, red and blue dress with 3D print, striped tights, glasses and bobble hat.

3.Boys Where’s Wally, Odlaw Costume

Odlaw is a character in the Where’s Wally franchise, he features in Where’s Waldo. If your little one doesn’t fancy dressing up as Wally or Wanda then Odlaw is a great choice! 

Will your little one finally get his hands on Waldo’s magical walking stick, dressed up as Odlaw. Watch as he adventures to The Odlaw Swamp this World Book day, we are sure your little one isn’t mean like this Where’s Wally character but he will sure feel it in this fancy dress! 

This costume includes: classic yellow and black striped top, black trousers, moustache, glasses and yellow and black bobble hat.

4.Adults Where’s Wally Costume

With this fabulous Where’s Wally fancy dress not only can you find Wally but you can become him too! 

This classic red and white striped Where’s Wally costume is the perfect costume to wear to stand out this World Book Day, even though you might stand out in this colourful costume, will anybody be able to find you amongst the crowd of book characters this World Book Day? This classic Where’s Wally costume includes his signature red and white striped top, round glasses and bobble hat.

5.Ladies Where’s Wenda Costume

Will you be found this World Book Day dressed up as Wenda? 

This Where’s Wenda costume is sure to have everyone searching for you this World Book Day! You can recreate Wenda’s classic look in this classic red and white striped top, matching tights, bright blue skirt, glasses and red and white Where’s Wenda bobble hat. We are sure you will look great in this colourful costume!

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