Alice in Wonderland World Book Day Kids and Adults Fancy Dress Costume Ideas
World Book Day

8 Brilliant Alice in Wonderland World Book Day Costume Ideas

1.Girls Alice in Wonderland Costume

Transform your little one into the popular Alice, from Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a great World Book Day costume idea!

Watch as your little one starts her wonderful adventures this World Book Day, we are sure she will look magnificent in this beautiful Alice costume. Hopefully she doesn’t fall into any rabbit holes this World Book Day.

This costume includes: blue dress with attached apron and headband. Complete this costume with our wonderland princess wig to make her really feel like Alice!

2.Boys Mad Hatter Costume

Don’t worry, boys can get involved in the adventures Wonderland holds too, in our Boys Mad Hatter fancy dress, this crazy character is very popular due to his wacky personality and crazy, cool outfits!

Will your little one be as “mad as a hatter” on World Book Day? Your little one is going to want to host his very own mad tea parties with his other favourite book characters in this costume!

This costume includes: green mock jacket, lapel, trousers and blue hat with bow. Add some crazy face paint to make your little one look like this insane character.

3.Girls Mad Hatter Costume

Who said that only boys can dress up as the Mad Hatter for World Book Day? We definitely didn’t! Our girls Mad Hatter costume is sure to have you feeling bonkers this World Book Day!

Your little one could become Alice’s best friend in this eccentric Mad Hatter costume, will your little one be challenging people to work out her riddles this World Book Day? Hopefully they make more sense than The Hatters nonsense! 

This costume includes: pink and yellow tutu style dress, separate collar with bow tie and blue hat with a bow. Add some striped or neon tights to this costume for an extra wacky look!

4.Girls Queen of Hearts Costume

The Queen of Hearts is a fictional character in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, she is based on the queen playing card alongside her husband the King of Hearts. Our Queen of Hearts costume is sure to be popular with young girls this World Book Day!

Will your little one shout “off with their heads”  like this foul-tempered Queen, or will she be a more pleasant monarch this World Book Day? We are sure she won’t throw a strop when she sees her Queen of Hearts costume, hopefully!

This costume includes: red and black dress with heart prints and check pattern and crown headpiece.

5.Girls Cheshire Cat Costumes

Does your little one have an enormous cheeky grin? If so the mischievous Cheshire Cat is the perfect character for her to dress up as this World Book Day!

Watch as your little one appears in Wonderland this World Book Day, this crazy cat might be intelligent, but will your little one use her knowledge to help Alice or get her into trouble? Be careful that your little one doesn’t disappear leaving only her grin behind!

This costume includes: bright pink and purple dress with attached tail, cat ears headband, fingerless gloves and footless tights. Add some cute cat-like face paint to complete this Cheshire Cat costume!

6.Ladies Alice In Wonderland Costume

Take a trip back to the Victorian Era and transform yourself into the wonderful Alice. 

Will you attend the Mad Hatter’s wacky tea parties, or will you stumble upon a white rabbit who is late for a very important date this World Book Day. Whatever you are doing to celebrate your favourite book characters we are sure you will look like part of Wonderland in this classic blue Alice dress and black bow headband.

7.Ladies Red Queen Costume

Transform yourself into this foul tempered monarch in our Queen of Hearts costume this World Book Day. 

Will you be playing croquet in Wonderland with hedgehogs and flamingos this World Book Day? Whatever you are doing this costume will give you the ability to scream ‘Off with their heads’ without anyone batting an eyelid! This beautify detailed Queen of Hearts dress and bright red wig will have you in character in no time!

8.Men’s Mad Hatter Costume

Become as ‘mad as a hatter’ in this crazy Mad Hatter fancy dress! 

Enjoy endless tea parties with the March Hare this World Book Day, will you teach the children at school nonsense rhymes and become the famously eccentric book character in this Mad Hatter costume, we are sure you will look like part of the magical Wonderland in this officially licensed costume featuring colourful jacket with attached waistcoat, enormous bow tie and Mad Hatters top hat with crazy orange hair.

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