World Book Day
World Book Day

3 Ways to Encourage World Book Day Participation in Kids

On the 5th March, 2020 kids across the country are going to be coming together to read books and dress up as their favourite characters. However, you may have some reluctance when trying to get the kids into reading. we’re going to share our best tips about how to get everyone involved in World Book Day.

World Book Day in recent years has been a continuously growing celebration for school children. Pupils look forward to
all the fun, fancy dress costumes and educational activities that are
associated with this UNESCO recognised day dedicated to books. Encouraging children builds their interest in the events which will also, in turn, help their young minds place great worth on books. One of the reasons World Book Day was declared an international celebration of interest is because UNESCO saw the need to promote a reading culture worldwide especially amongst children. Here are three ways to help your child look forward to World Book Day with the utmost enthusiasm.

School Activities

It is very important that your child’s school gets involved. If you have fun activity ideas that you feel little ones will enjoy, make sure you share it with the class teacher. Be equally sure that the school has also signed up to participate in the free one pound book tokens scheme. The official World Book Day website has some fun resources, games and a community where you can get ideas from.


You should talk about storybooks. Every child has a character they like so ask them for theirs. If your toddler can’t read yet, pictures from a bedtime book will help. You can also offer to buy a book that features their favourite character or choice of costume. So if you have decided on a costume, buy a book that has the costume character in it. An extra book won’t hurt even if they will be getting a free token from school.

Storybook Costumes

One way to make your kids interested in world book day is getting them involved in all the costume idea deliberations. They can be any of their favourite characters. If the school decides to choose a fancy
dress theme like Harry Potter, Roald Dahl or Animals; it is even more fun as it will create a uniform costume gathering. Imagine getting to school on world book day and seeing little monkeys, Winnie the Pooh’s, giraffes, lions and so on. Fancy dress costumes will get kids even more excited about world book day.

The potentials of a well-read mind are limitless. It is even better when the reading culture is imbibed at a young age. So why not take advantage of this great occasion and encourage your child to participate in world book day?

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