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Boys Halloween Costume Ideas

Join the Zombie Boys Outbreak on Halloween

The night is young and so are these walking corpses who appear on Halloween! Are your boys pumped to show off the most gruesome costume that will make your goosebumps rise? Then we’ve got a chilling selection of Boys Halloween Costumes Ideas for you to choose from!

Since zombies have invaded and risen to the top of the most popular themes, your child will want to be the first walking dead at the party. As your boys prepare to outshine their friends by looking at the scariest, help them out by taking a look at the following best selling costumes and brand new blood-stained fancy dress ideas:

Wearing This Boys Zombie Skeleton outfit, he too will look exceptionally frightening in this tattered blue outfit that includes a revealing skeleton insert and horrific mask. Our boys Zombie Skeleton is the number one choice of boys fancy dress for this 31st October.

Zombie School Boy

Meet one of our newest member of the dead who just enrolled! Want to go for a more unexpected undead look? Then trick others to think you came straight after school with this infected schoolboy uniform.

Pyjama Boy Zombie

Ahhh! Have his friends shrieking as they start living their worst nightmare! The sleepover must have taken a wrong turn since your son has turned out to be an infected kid in these blood-covered pyjamas.

Boys Zombie Surgeon

Friends will think twice about rushing to the hospital when your son walks through the door dressed in this blood-covered Zombie surgeon outfit! Our occupational theme serves as a fun and unique zombie costume idea.

Now that you’ve discovered our top picks of boys Zombie costumes, be sure to check out the rest from our wide range of boys Zombie costumes, such as Zombie Chimp or the Zombie Pirate. Forget about learning how to survive a zombie invasion as they did in the 2009 film Zombieland. Instead, we offer you an ideal way to join these incorporeal beings simply by dressing up like them. There’s no escaping these spine-chilling fancy dress costumes!

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A Parents Guide to Transforming Your Son into a Vampire

As frightening as it sounds, everyone will be coming out of their graves to party and trick or treat on the 31st of October. These undead beings are better known as Zombies! Kids have the most fascination with these creepy creatures since the concept is scary yet unreal. If your girls are begging you to dress them as the most ghastly zombie that has stumbled on to the earth, then use these girls Halloween Zombie fancy dress ideas to help you find the perfect outfit.

Don’t panic. In fact, you won’t be panicking at all once you’ve seen what we have in store for you! With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the most exciting time for your boys to come up with a cool and scary costume idea. We went ahead and did the work for you by creating a simple, easy-to-do guide to transforming him into the ultimate vampire with our fancy dress accessories. 

 It all started with Bram Stoker’s novel that introduced Dracula, which created an image of a traditional yet sophisticated vampire. However, due to the more recent generational craze that stems from Stephanie Meyers’ Twilight Saga, the popularity of blood-sucking beings has remained intact. 

So Let’s Get Started…

After practising his evil chilling laugh, get your son geared up with the following fancy dress accessories:

Hooded Cape

The key item that will make him stand out as a classy Count is the long cloak. This Gothic-style outerwear is a fashion statement for any budding sorcerer.


As the sun starts to set, the protruding teeth will remind everyone to cover their necks! These fangs are what make the quintessential vampire. This accessory is suitable for ages 15 and over.

Fake Blood

The excitement to suck the essence of life out of the offered trick or treat sweets is gushing when you use this Pint of Vampire Blood for an extra ghastly appearance. This realistic fake blood adds to your costume by looking as though you had just enjoyed a feast of flesh!

This combination is a great way to complete your bloodthirsty boy’s fancy dress costume to create a spine-chilling effect on guests. From the cutest little Bat jumpsuits for toddlers to the high collared Prince of Darkness outfit, we also have complete costumes ready to go. Bring a taste of Transylvania to Halloween this year!

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