David Walliams World Book Day fancy dress costume ideas
World Book Day

7 of Our Best David Walliams World Book Day Costume Ideas.

1.Boys Ratburger Costume

Transform your little one into one of the famous David Walliams characters this World Book Day! 

Known for his greasy striped shirt and jeans, Burt from Ratburger is the perfect choice for your little ones World Book Day fancy dress. Will your little one be able to steal Zoe’s pet rat in this Burt inspired costume? We are sure your little one will feel like he’s part of David Walliams popular books in this fancy dress. 

This costume includes top, trousers, wig, glasses and special sauce accessory with sound chip.

Boys David Walliams World Book Day Boys Ratburger Costume

2.Girls Gangsta Granny Fancy Dress

Gangsta Granny is a popular comedy book written by David Walliams, making it a great choice for your little ones World Book Day costume!

Watch your little one go on secret adventures with their friends in this Gangsta Granny fancy dress this World Book Day. Hopefully, your little one doesn’t get herself into any trouble dressed up as this naughty granny! 

This costume includes: top, skirt, wig, eye mask, bag, pearl necklace and glasses.

Girls Gangster Granny David Walliams Fancy Dress World Book Day Costume

3.Girls Awful Auntie Fancy Dress Costume

Awful Auntie was written by author and comedian David Walliams, it is his seventh book. Awful Auntie tells the story of a young girl named Stella Saxby, and her horrible auntie who tries to steal her inheritance! 

Will your little one step into the role of this David Walliams character this World Book Day? We are sure she will look anything but awful in this amazing Awful Auntie fancy dress!

This costume includes: top, trousers, hat, glove and owl accessory.

Girls Awful Auntie David Walliams World Book Day Fancy Dress Costume

4.Boys Billionaire Costume

David Walliams Billionaire Boy is one of his most popular children’s books, making our Billionaire Boy fancy dress the perfect choice this World Book Day! 

If your little one has everything he could possibly want then this fancy dress is the most fitting costume for them! Watch your little one step into the life of a Billionaire and make all his friends jealous with all the crazy things he owns this World Book Day!

This costume includes: top, trousers and toilet roll accessory with sound  chip. 

Billionaire Boy David Walliams Fancy Dress Costume

5.Boys Mr Stink Fancy Dress Costume

Mr Stink is a book and film, written by the popular children’s author David Walliams. This novel was later adapted into a stage musical! 

Our Mr Stink boys fancy dress is a great choice for your little one’s World Book Day costume. Watch your little one start his World Book Day adventures in this fancy dress, we promise it doesn’t smell! 

This costume includes: jacket, mock waistcoat, shirt & bowtie, walking stick, glasses, felt sign, fingerless gloves and sound chip. Complete your little ones Mr Stink fancy dress with a face paint beard!

Boys David Walliams Mr Stink Fancy Dress Costume

6.Boys Grandpa’s Great Escape Costume

Telling the story of how a young boy rescues his Grandpa from a retirement home, Grandpa’s Great Escape is another amazing choice for boys World Book Day fancy dress!

Our Grandpa’s Great Escape costume will have your little one feeling like they’ve travelled back to the 1980s, your little one will feel like a World War II flying ace in this David Walliams fancy dress, just like this cool Grandpa! 

This costume includes: jacket, mock shirt with tie, trousers, flying hat, moustache. 

Boys David Walliams Grandpa's Great Escape World Book Day Fancy Dress Costume

7.The Boy in The Dress Costume

Did you know The Boy In The Dress is the first book written by David Walliams? It follows the story of a young boy named Dennis who is great at football, but he also enjoys cross-dressing. 

Will your little one dare to be different and stand out this World Book Day? Let your little one teach his friends this World Book Day that it’s ok to be different from everyone else!

This costume includes: dress, socks and inflatable football.

The Boy in The Dress World Book Day Fancy Dress Costume

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