Girls Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas

Girls Halloween Costume Ideas

Switching to Little Witches: The Best Girls Halloween Witch Fancy Dress Ideas

Swoosh! Your little one sways her pretend wand in the air hoping to create magic or a spell. Before getting full with candy, trick or treaters are filled with excitement for 31st of October! Make this year’s celebrations a fancy dress celebration to remember. Turn her magical world into reality by reading this list of the top girls’ Witch Costume ideas for Halloween 2020.

Witches are a popular costume theme since the classic fairy tale story to the more recent Harry Potter books and film series. If your girl is a fan of this wondrous world, then you will want to take a peek at these marvellous selections:

Child Spellbound Witch

Conjuring up spirits naturally comes to the girl wearing this outfit! Enchanting characters read in Roald Dahl’s The Witches or general fairy tale books will be brought to life.

Wicked Witch

The traditional and the memorable. This long black dress with pointed hat symbolises the archetypal witch, as well as the villainess from The Wizard of Oz…

Deluxe Emerald Witch

The cobweb decorated look means she’s been cooking up a spell for centuries! Girls in this sweet but mischievous dress will fly into the party in style.

Poof! A disappearing act won’t take place as these useful ideas are here to stay! Check out more from our huge selection of girls Witch fancy dress for Halloween. Watch the imaginations of your adorable little enchantresses take them to a fantasy world.

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Undead Girls Ruler the World: The Coolest 2020 Halloween Zombie Costume Ideas

As frightening as it sounds, everyone will be coming out of their graves to party and trick or treat on the 31st October. These undead beings are better known as Zombies! Kids have the most fascination with these creepy creatures since the concept is scary yet unreal. If your girls are begging you to dress them as the most ghastly zombie that has stumbled on to the earth, then use these girls Halloween Zombie fancy dress ideas to help you find the perfect outfit.

Zoblet Costume

Rocking the dead musician look, this ghoulish gal costume includes a zombie skin printed shirt to visually trick before she gets her treat.

Zombie School Girl

Alert the headmistress! The school has been infected by the looks of this blood-stained uniform! She’ll be going to school early in order to get a hold of fresh student flesh.

Zombie Cheerleader

The cheer squad will break their falls and run for their lives when they see their key cheerleader has been zombified! The included pom poms are great for trying to balance the fidgety legs.

Zombie Pyjama

What twisted kind of sleepover did she attend? This girl must’ve lived a nightmare that became a reality. A gruesome pair of PJs with covered with realistic-looking blood.

Your wide-eyed child will be intrigued by these girls Halloween Zombie costume ideas. Making your task to get her the ultimate outfit, get a hold of one of these choices or check out more from our wide range of costumes. Blood accessories and makeup effects are also available in our Accessories category. 

Have her rule the night as the most deadly looking trick or treater.

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The Pretty Little Vampires: Girls Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas

Feeling the hype for Halloween? With children constantly reminding parents to get them their costume for the big fancy dress night on the 31st of the October, there’s no way of escaping the excitement! With an array of themes out there to choose from, let us help you narrow down the list based on what the hottest costume will be this year. Looking for an outfit for your girl that includes elements of darkness, elegance, and perhaps a touch of gore? Vampires are the way to go!

For your cute countess, take a look at the following girls Halloween Vampire costume ideas:

Girls Vampire Queen

A glass of red fruit punch looking blood will look fitting in the hands of the sophisticated young lady wearing this dress. This Gothic-style dress and collar will make your little one look grown up and ready to become the next leader of Transylvania.

Girls Deluxe Vampire Princess

Decorated in spider webs, this dress will also blend in with the Halloween decor. Putting on the included choker and high collar will make any blood-sucking princess look like the daughter of Count Dracula.

Girls Princess Vampira

Elegance with a fairy tale touch, this costume is vicious and ready to enjoy the night full of bats and blood.

Girls Spiderella Halloween

The one who made it to the ball appeared in this gorgeous gold cobwebbed dress. This rare breed of vamps stands out among the rest of the bat girls.

Offering a wide range of accessories from a tube of vampire blood to fangs, your kids will be eager to dress up as vampires this year. With these helpful girls Vampire costume ideas and more, you’ll be set to choose the perfect fancy dress for Halloween.

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Monster High Fancy Dress Madness is Ready For Halloween

What better time for the students of Monster High to become popular than now! As Halloween approaches, your girl will want to dress up as her favourite Mattel ghoul doll. Since all the dolls are meant to be the daughters of horror, sci-fi, and thriller inspired characters, you’re bound to come across an ideal fancy dress costume. 

Having trouble figuring out which Monster High character to dress your daughter up in? Well, we’ve made your task easier with this list of the most popular girls Monster High costumes for Halloween 2019.

Frankie Stein Sweet 1600

As the daughter of Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, you can tell this ghoulish outfit takes after her dad with the stitched up look. This cute streaking haired look is ideal to look like one of the main ghoulfriends.

Frankie Stein Wig

Long black and white streaks make this electrified wig a great completion for the Frankie look!

Jinifire Long

The tail and scales identify this ghoul as a descendant of a dragon. As an aspiring fashionista, her hobby is apparent from the style of this outfit.

Skelita Calaveras

The Day of the Dead inspired look from her Mexican Heritage is the basis of this skeleton girl’s appearance. This costume is perfect for wearing alongside Jinafire Long, her best friend.

Lagoona Blue

If you remember the Creature from the Black Lagoon, then you will understand where the inspiration for this outfit comes from. This sea creature girl costume is a favourite for fans who admire her laid back personality.

Frankie Stein, Cleo de Nile, Jinafire Long, Skelita Calaveras, and Lagoona Blue are ready to be chosen for this year’s girls Halloween costume. Imagine the look on her face when you show your girls her favourite Monster High character fancy dress! These ghoulish gal outfits are worth it for that little smile.

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