Mens Fancy Dress Halloween Ideas

Mens’ Halloween Costume Ideas

Mens Fancy Dress Halloween Ideas

Sink your teeth into these top mens’ vampire Halloween fancy dress ideas!

Like the mythical vampire whenever it rests its eyes for the day or night, you too may be having sleepless nights about what to dress up as for the 31st October. Hopefully, a light bulb just went on in your head. Vampires will be one of the hottest and darkest fancy dress themes for Halloween 2020

For reasons of replicating Bram Stoker’s Dracula to Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight character Edward Cullen, or fans who want to look like characters from the hit TV serials Vampire Diaries or True Blood, you will certainly be keeping up with the coolest trend of mens’ Halloween costumes.

Experience an awakening once you look at the following top choices for Mens’ Vampire Fancy Dress.

The Gothic Vampire

Centuries old and living off the blood of humans it’s no wonder why this title is so fitting for this costume. This layered vest with lined cape is a great example of the classic Gothic vampire.

Dracula Vampire

Greeting house guests who enter a Transylvanian decorated party is best done in this wanky attire. A nobleman in the day and a blood-hungry monster at night.

Dark Opera Masquerade Costume

Not all Gothic Costumes are fashionable for today’s young vamps; however, this casual-cool collar cape and waistcoat seem to get the ladies to offer their blood-filled necks as a donation!

Mens True Vampire Costume

Smart, sophisticated and likely to get the most attention for being the best looking Dracula at the party. Sanguinarians always need to look perfect. This dapper vampire outfit is a prime example of how to stay classy with fangs.

Mens’ Halloween Skeleton Fancy Dress Ideas

Time to clear out the bones in your closet! There’s no need to hide the excitement of dressing up in a horrific costume on the 31st of October. In fact, when startling ideas come to mind, how about turning yourself into one of the scariest aspects of the dead as a walking skeleton. Devising ways to petrify your friends and family can be fun and successful – but only when done right! To help you kick things off the frightening fest, we’ve come up with a few mens’ skeletons fancy dress ideas that’ll be a hit on Halloween 2020.

Zombie Skeleton Pirate

Since the goal is causing extreme fear, this costume combines three scary themes that will certainly make party guests run and hide! Nothing is more gruesome than a centries old flesh-hungry swashbuckler who has risen from the dead.

Glow in the Dark Skeleton

You’ll hear party guests shriek in horror after coming across a talking skeleton that appears in the dark! The black skin-tight jumpsuit helps to camouflage the rest of the body while the green glow in the dark skeleton print feature brings out the bones in you

Skeleton Costume

Try standing still like Halloween decor and then suddenly jumping in front of the guests that walk in the door! Ways to scare people at the monster mash are endless with this all in one hooded jumpsuit with skeleton print.

Skeleton Grim Reaper Costume

By far the most spine-chilling of them all, this costume will certainly make you rattle in your shoes!. This skeleton costume comes with a cloak to turn you from dead to Death. Grab a scythe and you’ll be reaping the souls this Halloween.

The night is dark and a perfect location to step into the party in one of these spooky Halloween costumes. This was just a taste of some great costumes you will discover from our wide range of mens’ skeleton fancy dress. Our accessories, masks and makeup kits will finish off your look to make it seem that a living skeleton escaped the graveyard.

Flesh-eating Frenzy on Halloween: Mens’ Zombie Fancy Dress Ideas

As the most anticipated fancy dress event is soon to take place on October 31st you’ll want to look your utmost scary to win the costume competition

Notice a lot of undead beings taking over our society? As in the invasion of the concept of zombies. As these walking corpses were once brought to life through witchcraft, today’s culture has depicted a realistic view of zombie creation which comes in the form of infectious diseases. With popular films such as Zombieland, I am legend and Shaun of the Dead we are acquainted with the idea of everyday humans becoming infected flesh-hungry zombies who exponentially increase after they attack other people.

This popularised theme will become the basis of creating your ultimate horrifying costume. We can help get you zombified with the following top mens’ Zombie Fancy Dress that will make a frightening impression on Halloween.

American Football End Zone

Look like the High School football field is contaminated too! This deadly player may have eaten the entire team before making a touchdown! The torn and blood-stained sports uniform with a visually revolting helmet is the creepiest way to shock people in the stands.

Zombie Policeman

With the streets flooded with contagious deadbeats, seeking help and justice from his copper may be a bad idea. It’s safe to say criminals would rather be behind bars than to run for their lives from this blood-covered uniformed policeman.

Complete Zombie

Some zombies who found success in living longer of the flesh of humans will become more and more monstrous in appearance and behaviour. Take this guy for example. The unrecognizable ex-human is one of our most top-selling costumes that ha always done its job of being the fearsome grungy zombie. The skull-like mask with an attached dishevelled wig is also included.

Zombie Bavarian Male

Offer this dead German a pint of blood before he raids Oktoberfest to seek some of his own! Lederhosen never looked so troubling until now!

The only reason heroes from films are out to destroy zombies is because of the fear of their take over. Your chances are greater if you join the dark spooky side for Halloween. Now that you’ve embraced zombies and plan to dress up in one of the top costume ideas presented above, you must also visually finish the look with effects. Complete the transformation with our selection of accessories such as the Zombie Makeup Set, Zombie Mask and Glove set, or our different coloured makeup for the face and body. watch the guests drop dead as you stumble into the party making dead look good!

Chucky, GhostFace, Freddy and Beetlejuice: Mens’ Halloween 2019 Horror Film Costumes

The storyline is set, viewers are engaged, the suspenseful music intensifies, and finally, the moment the character opens the door – Bam! Everyone in the cinema has jumped out of their seats and felt the adrenaline rushing. That “bam” factor is essentially an act of fear caused by the scary antagonist in Horror Films.

By having the audience heart race, sit on the edge of their seats, and sometimes cover their eyes – then you know an epic horror movie is being played. If you get a thrill out of recreating people’s worst nightmares then check out these mens’ Halloween Horror Movie Costume ideas to turn yourself into some classic scary movie characters at the fancy dress party on 31st October.

Grabs some popcorn and hold on, you’re in for a terrifying selection of costumes.

Chucky Halloween Costume

In the 80s the film Child’s Play introduced us to the soul of a murderer who made its way into a Good Guy Doll. Party guests who watched the movie never looked at children’s toys in the same way again and will find it difficult to face this life-size sinister toy.

Scream Costume

This drooped jaw-dropping face is instantly recognised as the violent psychopathic killer from the 1996 slasher film Scream. The ghost face mask and black robe are exactly what you need to startle party victims.

Freddy Krueger Costume

Don’t rest your eyes and fall asleep by mistake because Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street serial killing character will make his way into your dreams! Access the scary hidden memories of party guests who will with terror after coming across the hideous melted mask and horizontal striped red and green top.

Grand Heritage Beetlejuice Costume

One aspect of horror that includes light humour is fantasy films such as Beetlejuice. The black and white suit, white wig and makeup kit will transform anyone into this lewd and morbid character from the late 80s.

These horror films have spawned a specific genre of frightful characters that play a huge role in Halloween. The fancy dress ideas presented above will definitely cause a riot of frightened party guests with absurd phobias caused by these monsters.

Creepy Jester Costumes

Halloween is around the corner and you’re most likely looking to wear something to scare your friends and family at the fancy dress party. The notion of becoming a jester may have not crossed your mind as a frightening costume. You will be surprised as to how much people will dread coming near you if you select one of these mens’ Halloween Jester Fancy Dress options.

Before we get into the evil side of outfits, first get familiar with the traditional garb of these historical entertainers. Take a look at the following image:

As you can see, the traditional Harlequin Jester get-up is similar to this black and white chequerboard style top and trousers with an attached ruffled collar and matching eccentric style hat. The fashion is as such since they were a prime source of entertainment during the Medieval Age and Tudor Era.

Even though this old school clown can put coulrophobes in a panic the next Halloween Jester choices we are about to present will put almost anyone in a petrified state.

Red and Black Evil Jester Costume

Who knew that putting on this evil skeleton mask with jester’s outfit would formulate a vicious looking monster? You certainly won’t be laughing at his Jokes!

Black Joker Costume

Similar to the traditional outfit, this chequerboard costume distinctly differs from the original as it includes jagged edges to the hemline and the sinister skull-like mask. Not the best way to keep the royal court happy as they may faint from shock!

Krazed Jester Costume

Although the tricks and jokes are meant to be mad, there’s always a limit. This performer has crossed that limit and has gone completely bonkers. The black and red designs topped off by the tri-jester hat enhances the lunatic look.

Now that you’ve explored the psychotic and daunting options of mens’ Halloween Jester costume ideas, make it the number one scary fancy dress at the spooky party. When forcefully sharing your morbid jokes and stories, grab a hold of the Jester Skull Cane from our Accessories category!

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