Wizard of Oz World Book Day Fancy Dress Costume Ideas for Adults and Kids
World Book Day

7 Popular Wizard of Oz World Book Day Costume Ideas

1.Girls Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz tells the story of how a tornado swept away Dorothy’s home in Kansas, written by L. Frank Baum in 1900, it has since been turned into a Broadway musical and live-action film, it’s no wonder Dorothy is such a popular World Book Day costume.

Your little one will feel like the popular book character, Dorothy in this beautiful and classic fancy dress, she will be skipping down the yellow brick road in style this World Book Day!

This costume includes: blue checkered dress with red bow headband.

2.Boys Tin Man Costume

The Tin Man appears in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. This character is popular for joining Dorothy to ask the wizard for a heart. The Tin Man’s likeable personality is sure to make him a great choice for World Book Day.

The tinsmith might’ve forgotten to give this book character a heart, but that’s all your little one will be missing when they wear our Tin Man fancy dress. Watch your little one “follow the yellow brick road” in this super shiny Tin Man costume, this World Book Day.

This costume includes:  silver shirt, trousers with attached boot tops and headpiece accessory.

3.Boys Scarecrow Costume

The Scarecrow from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is known for going on the hunt for a mind with Dorothy, this Wizard of Oz character is great for boys Wizard of Oz fancy dress and World Book Day Costume ideas.

Your little one will bring this mindless, protector of crops to life when he wears our Scarecrow costume for World Book Day! We are sure your little one isn’t mindless, but they can follow the yellow brick road to the Wizard and ask for a mind anyway!

This costume includes: top and trousers with patches and tassels, belt and scarecrow hat. Add a face painted scarecrow nose to your little one to really complete his Scarecrow fancy dress!

4.Girls Wicked Witch Costume

The Wicked Witch of the West is the malicious ruler of the Winkle Country, she is known for her strong army of Winged Monkeys who she uses to catch Dorothy and her friends. 

Transform your little girl into the most wicked of all the witches with this fabulous Wizard of Oz fancy dress costume, sure to be a popular choice this World Book Day. Your little one will feel like she’s got the whole of her fantasy kingdom at the palm of her hands when she wears this sinful fancy dress!

This costume includes: a long black dress with a black and green witches hat.

5.Kids Lion Wizard of Oz Costume

This fantastic lion fancy dress costume will have your little one roaring their way to school this World Book Day! 

Your little one can adventure with Dorothy, the Tin Man and The Scarecrow to meet the Wizard of Oz in this cute lion fancy dress! We are sure your little one has all the courage they need, but this fancy dress might give them a little extra this World Book Day. 

This costume includes: one piece plush jumpsuit with attached paws, and attached hood with lions face and mane.

6.Kansas Country Dorothy Ladies Costume

Adults can get involved in Wizard of Oz dress up too! Follow the yellow brick road dressed up as Dorothy this World Book Day. 

We sure you will find your way home when you are wearing this classic Dorothy fancy dress. This costume features a mainly blue dress with a small blue and white check pattern, and matching hair bows, perfect for making you really feel like the sweet Dorothy character everybody loves!

7.Ladies Wicked Witch Costume

Join the dark side of the magical kingdom of Oz our ladies Wicked Witch of the West costume. 

Transform yourself into the malevolent ruler of the Winkle Country, gather your winged monkeys and hunt down Dorothy this World Book Day. All the kids and staff will be impressed when you turn up as this wicked witch! This long black dress with matching witches hat will have you looking like the most evil of them all… Add some green face paint to your look and really get into character this World Book Day!

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